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28.05.2017 · Hello all, first post! Im looking for a Polo for my first car and have been looking at both 1.2 and 1.4 petrol variants. One particularly nice 2004 1.4 automatic we looked at this morning seemed to be a little more noisy than I would have liked. It sounded like the engine was tapping and was evid. 28.06.2016 · Hi Guys, I have a 1.8i golf 3. I am Getting the ticking noise from the engine/head, not really sure what it is. i went to one mechanic who said it was the hydraulic lifters which i. The 2012 Volkswagen Polo has 2 problems reported for knocking sound when going over speedbumps. Average failure mileage is 50 miles. 08.06.2010 · Volkswagen Polo III - VW Polo Knocking / Whining Noise in 5th Gear. I tried to post this yesterday but it doesn't seem to be displaying properly. I have a 1997 VW Polo 1.4 CL. The car recently developed a general knocking noise and a whining when in 5th gear. I have since had both front wheel bearings replaced which seems to have just about.

20.03.2019 · I purchased a new 2018 VW Polo 1.0 TSI Comfortline Manual last year. After about 5000km I noticed especially when ally dock parking/reverse parking and driving slowly in. 06.04.2017 · TDI Engine Clicking noise VW MKIII-A3/B4 TDIs. Paul, thanks for the reply, how far could i run the car with the serp belt removed? i haven't done that yet but its worth a try. the noise is definately coming from the right side of the engine. thought it might be the IP but did a diesel purge last weekend on the IP with no effects. with the. Please do not listen to all of these answers. A tapping noise does not always suggest catastrophic or imminent engine failure. There are many things that can cause this noise. Among the least expensive are the following to ease your mind a bit bef. I have a 2012 Dodge Charger with a little over 100000 miles on it. Two months ago, I started hearing a ticking noise coming from my engine, and didn’t think anything of it. Last month I took it in to get it diagnosed because I felt like the ticking noise was getting worse. The car dealer told me that I need new cams and lifters and it will.

HI, need sone help, I have a ticking noise coming from behind the Hazard light on my VW Polo 2002. All the lights are off but the ticking noise is constant. If your Volkswagen is making an abnormal noise, listen to it. Don’t ignore it; it’s your VW’s attempt in telling you something’s just not right. Use this guide to help troubleshoot the noises coming from your Volkswagen. Bang: An abrupt sound, like a gun has been shot, is your vehicle backfiring. This could be a result of something.

  1. 29.11.2017 · 2008 VW Polo 1.4 - Hydraulic Tappet Noise on Cold Start. I get an awful ticking noise from the tappets when starting the engine from cold.more noticeable in cold weather, hardly any noise when mild. Apparently this is a known issue with these engines. The noise goes when the engine has been running for a few minutes. Some people online.
  2. 16.08.2017 · 1999 - Polo 6n 1.4 - Auto Hi All - I am hearing ticking noises coming from the engine. I viewed a youtube video recently which sounds exactly like it. I thought tappets but thought I'd ask first The last job that happened on my car was a distributor cap replacement not.
  3. 30.07.2014 · Hey all I know these Modern engines sound more like sewing machines when they idle but mine seems to tick a lot louder now than when I purchased it 2nd hand a few months ago. Ive got a 2011 1.2 TSI and its only dont about 6k miles total. Any thoughts.
  4. 13.06.2012 · I drive a 1998 VW mk1 golf which I am absolutely in love with. Upon reception of this car it took me a total of 3 months before I swapped the standard 1300 engine for an 1800 8v unit from a polo, still being carb fed. Since the fitting of the engine, it has been making an irritating ticking noise. Every mechanic I take it to, claims it is the.

15.01.2013 · Hey, I know the TSI can be a little loud at idle because of the direct injection but I can hear a little ticking noise that goes with the motor rpm when moving at slow speeds. I can only hear it when going slow in any gear and with the windows up, air and radio off. So its not REALLY loud but I just recently noticed it. I usually always have. 20.01.2015 · Really confused asoon as I turn ignition on the indicator/hazard click wont stop going off none of lights flash when I bring indicator stick back to neutral position it clicks on its own very fast and doesnt stop; Ive found the indicator relay but I'm not too sure if it is it? Is there. 29.06.2011 · LOUD ticking noise in engine!!! I have posted questions on here regarding the fact that my car starts very hard every now and then. Randomly it can take about 10 seconds of cranking before it.

Ticking noise from engine - Club Polo.

14.04.2011 · soft knocking noise from glove box area? Thats right, I am getting a soft knocking noise from my glove box area when i come to a stopIam stopped. The noise is intermittent and it sounds like you are softly knocking on your desk. Come post about Volkswagen news and other interests. New models, old classics, whatever you want.

Hallo, hab da auch so ne Karre von VW. Polo 9n EZ.11.2004 1,4 l 16V BKY Motor mit 75 PS. Das Motorgeräusch fing bei ca. 34 000 Km an, war bei mehreren VW Händlern, erst hieß es das Geräusch.12.02.2013 · If you hear that noise, its working and thats good. The N80 is on the side of the intake manifold and has 2 vacuum lines and an electrical connector coming off of it. If you put your hand on the valve while the car is running you will feel that "ticking" in sync with the noise.

05.06.2012 · Car not starting just clicking noise! So about a month ago car would not start just clicked "starter relay" when trying to crank? So I took battery out had it tested "good" and put it back in. Tried to crank it again and it fired up. 24.05.2003 · Old VW Polo noisy starting. After starting from cold I hear a loud buzzing noise, a bit like a dry ball bearing race. No noise from a hot start and just a bit from a warm start. It only lasts for a minute or so and goes if I rev the engine. It's difficult to pinpoint as it seems to be 'all over' the engine and doesn't last long. I've replaced. 23.03.2013 · VW UP - Idling clutch noise. We bought a VW Up with9000 miles on the clock a month ago and then went on holiday for 2 weeks. On our return when we started the car we noticed a noise when the clutch was in idling mode. We have asked the garage to rectify this and they tell us it is not detrimental to the car and will not affect its performance.

11.10.2010 · every GTI i test drove, have seen, and own has made that ticking noise from the engine. not all engines sound pretty. you should hear one with RS4 injectors. you should hear an audi R8 idle too. makes the same noise. and before you say anything, i saw an R8 pulled off a showroom floor idle. not something that had been driven. We’ve spoken to several specialists in the VW camper van scene to find some of the most common problems associated with the air cooled VW split screen, Bay Window and Type 25 vans. Typical disasters mainly concern the engine, whether it won’t start or it only just runs. However, there are other problems away from the engine, which we’ve.

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