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Teradata - Alter Tables - ALTER TABLE command is used to add or drop columns from an existing table. You can also use ALTER TABLE command to modify the attributes of the existing columns. Teradata ist der weltweit führende Anbieter von Pervasive Data Intelligence, Daten- und Analyselösungen sowie Hybrid-Cloud-Produkten. Erfahren Sie mehr! You can use the ALTER TABLE statement with time series tables. For complete information about ALTER TABLE syntax, see Teradata Vantage™ SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples, B035-1144. You cannot use the following ALTER TABLE options on time series tables: ALTER TABLE MODIFY PRIMARY ALTER TABLE FROM TIME ZO.

Teradata Distribution of Presto 0.167-t.0.2 1. Overview. ALTER TABLE; View page source; 17.2. ALTER TABLE. Synopsis. ALTER TABLE name RENAME TO new_name ALTER TABLE name ADD COLUMN column_name data_type ALTER TABLE name RENAME COLUMN column_name TO new_column_name Description. Change the definition of an existing table. Examples. DROP VIEW [ IF EXISTS ] view_name Description. Drop an existing view. The optional IF EXISTS clause causes the error to be suppressed if the view does not exist. 21.02.2013 · ALTER TABLE will place any new columns at the end of the table definition. To place this column in the ordinal position on the table you will need to create a new table with the column in the proper ordinal position and then insert the data from the original table into the new table.

Teradata Vantage Stop buying "analytics" It's time to invest in answers Vantage is the leading cloud data analytics software platform that leverages 100% of your data to analyze anything, anywhere, at any time. ALTER VIEW is not used in this way. The only options for altering a view are to add/drop/modify constraints or to RECOMPILE the view. If you want to add columns then just run the CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statement again with a different select.

CHECK Constraints CHECK constraints are the most general type of SQL constraint specification. Depending on its position in the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE SQL text, a CHECK constraint can apply either to an individual column or to an entire table. Teradata Database derives a table‑level partitioning CHECK constraint f. Role membership can be determined within the DBC.RoleMembers view. Access rights for a given role can be identified in the DBC.AllRoleRights. However, if my memory serves correctly, explicit rights granted at the database level to a user can be determined if you reference the psuedo-table 'All' in the DBC.AllRights view. These access rights codes describe the user access privilege on a particular database, table, or column. Table 42: Access Rights Codes Access Right Code Description AE Alter External Procedure AF Alter Function AP Alter Procedure AS Abort Session CA Create Authorization CD Create Database CE Create External Procedure C.

Description. Show the SQL statement that creates the specified view. Alter doesn't use Spool, it just moves blocks on a cylinder level, Merge directly merges the source rows into the target table when source and target share the same [P]PI. But InsSel always needs to spool the source data, of course this is especially bad for large tables when explain shows "The result spool file will not be cached in memory". 24.07.2013 · Teradata is a Relational database and the order of columns has no relevane in Relational Model. You might simply change the 1:1 view for this table to use the new order. Btw, writing "SELECT " in SQL is bad practice.

I have an existing table in TERADATA and it has a field named log_dttm defined as timestamp. I want to change the column data type to varchar30. "alter table modify" failed to convert. ALTER TABLE Failed. 3558: Cannot alter the specified attributes for log_dttm. You can drop a column from a table with ALTER command. Syntax: ALTER TABLE tbl_name DROP column_name Example: / Drop a column in teradata / ALTER TABLE tbl_employee DROP EmpNo. If a view currently used is modified by using ALTER VIEW, the Database Engine takes an exclusive schema lock on the view. When the lock is granted, and there are no active users of the view, the Database Engine deletes all copies of the view from the procedure cache. GRANT SQL Form Purpose Grants one or more explicit privileges on a database, user, proxy logon user, table, hash index, join index, view, stored procedure, User‑Defined Function UDF, User‑Defined Method UDM, User‑Defined Type UDT, or macro to a role, group of roles, user, or group of users or databases. For a l. Is there a similar command to: SHOW VIEW DATABASE_NAME.VIEW_NAME; That shows the actual schema columnName, columnType instead of the create statement used to build that View.

Teradata Distribution of Presto. Docs » 17. SQL Statement Syntax » 17.1. ALTER SCHEMA; View page source; 17.1. ALTER SCHEMA. Synopsis. ALTER SCHEMA name RENAME TO new_name Description. Change the definition of an existing schema. Examples. Rename schema web to traffic: ALTER TABLE web RENAME TO traffic. See Also. CREATE SCHEMA. Next Previous. Teradata SQL statements define and manipulate the data stored in Teradata Database. FastExport supports a subset of Teradata SQL statements. As a result, other utilities do not have to be invoked to perform routine database maintenance functions before executing FastExport utility tasks. For example, the supported Tera. 12.02.2013 · How do I add comments to existing table DDL in Teradata? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. Is there any way to view these comments other than querying the dbc views? After adding a table comment, I expected it to show in show table. I'd like it to be viewable in a conspicuous place for future developers. – oscilatingcretin Jul 29 '14 at 13:12. 1. SHOW TABLE simply reproduces.

Types Teradata supports different types of tables. Permanent Table − This is the default table and it contains data inserted by the user and stores the data permanently. Volatile Table − The data inserted into a volatile table is retained only during the user session. When Teradata released its new temporal capabilities in 2010, it caused us all to start to thinking differently about the element of time in the Data Warehouse by providing powerful tools for managing and navigating temporal & bitemporal data structures. With the release of Teradata R14.10, we will be challenged still further.

List of useful Data dictionary views List of useful Data dictionary views which might come in handy in situations! 1. DBC.users. This view gives current user information. 2. dbc.sessioninfo. This view gives information about - details of users currently logged in. 3.DBC.Databases. This view list all the databases present in the given teradata database system. ALso contains useful information. Teradata - Partitioned Primary Index - Partitioned Primary Index PPI is an indexing mechanism that is useful in improving the performance of certain queries. When rows are inserted into a table, th.

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