Probability Based Sampling Techniques //

A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research.

Non-probability sampling techniques are often appropriate for exploratory and qualitative research. In these types of research, the aim is not to test a hypothesis about a broad population, but to develop an initial understanding of a small or under-researched population. Mixed/Multi-Stage Random Sampling. This probability sampling technique involves a combination of two or more sampling techniques enumerated above. In most of the complex researches done in the field or in the lab, it is not suited to use just a single type of probability sampling. M. H. Alvi 2016: A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research 5 of various types of probability sampling technique. Appendix III is presenting a brief summary of various types of non-probability sampling technique. A glossary is also provided in the manual. The words that are used as synonyms to one another are mentioned. Moreover. What is Probability sampling? What are its types? Probability sampling is a sampling technique that allows each participant equal chances of of being selected in the process of sampling. The researcher uses methods of sampling that guarantees each subject equal opportunity of being selected. It is achieved by using the process of randomisation. PROBABILITY SAMPLING TECHNIQUES 4. 1. Simple Random Sampling SRS• Assure that each element in the population has an equal chance of being selected.• Selection is free from bias• Can calculate the probability – sample size n and population size N Therefore, the probability is = n/N• can be done with or without replacement More.

All these above are techniques of probability sampling. Non-probability Sampling Techniques Non-probability is also known as non-parametric sampling which are used for certain purpose. 1. Incidental or Accidental Assignment The term incidental or accidental applied to those samples that are taken. Probability sampling techniques are superior, but the costs can be prohibitive. For the initial stages of a study, non-probability sampling techniques might be sufficient to give you a sense of what you’re dealing with. For detailed insights and results that you can bank upon, move on to the more sophisticated techniques as the study gathers.

This technique is known as one of the easiest, cheapest and least time-consuming types of sampling methods. Quota Sampling Quota sampling methodology aims to create a sample where the groups e.g. males vs. females workers are proportional to the population. Probability Sampling uses lesser reliance over the human judgment which makes the overall process free from over biasness. For instance, consider we need to sample 3 students from a group of 12. We firstly assign a random number to each of the element in the given data. [Salant, p64] In contrast to probability sampling techniques, there is no way of knowing the accuracy of a non-probabilistic sample estimate. Sampling Techniques. SAMPLING ERRORS Sampling errors occur as a result of calculating the estimate estimated mean, total, proportion, etc based on a sample rather than the entire population. This is due to the fact that the estimated figure obtained. 21.07.2018 · Sampling techniques probability sampling, simple random sampling systematic sampling Startified sampling cluster sampling. items is to be preferred. Probability sampling type will going to be based on the following; Systematic random sampling, Stratified types of sampling, Cluster sampling, Multi-stage sampling, Area sampling, Types of probability random sampling Systematic sampling Thus, in systematic sampling only the first unit is selected.

Probability-based sampling approaches have been a theoretical and empirical cornerstone of high-quality research about populations. However, non-probability sampling methods, such as those applied with the vast majority of opt-in survey panels, increasingly are being used to draw inferences about populations. This chapter examines critical. In any form of research, true random sampling is always difficult to achieve. Most researchers are bounded by time, money and workforce and because of these limitations, it is almost impossible to randomly sample the entire population and it is often necessary to employ another sampling technique, the non-probability sampling technique.


Even if you know that probability sampling fits with the research strategy guiding your dissertation, it is important to choose the appropriate type of probability sampling technique. These probability sampling techniques are briefly set out in the next section. Non-probability technique is one of the sampling technique which helps researcher to create sample from a population of interest target population for a particular study. In non-probability sampling technique, the participants do not get equal chances of being selected. This technique is based on the subjective judgement of the researcher.

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