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Because it's cheaper than 87 octane. I was helping a friend there move and was filling up the truck with 87 and saw that I was paying more than the lowest price, and I was like ohhhh shit because it's a truck, and takes a lot of gas and went inside and complained that the cheapest gas wasn't the cheapest. They told me that because of the corn subsidies, mid grade gas is cheaper than standard. Contrary to what many people think and what the oil companies would like us to believe, higher grades of gasoline do not contain more energy for your car to run. Gasoline is rated by octane. Generally, regular is 87 octane, mid-grade is 89 octane, and premium is 91 or 93 octane. Octane ratings indicate the gasoline's resistance to pre-ignition. Octane number is also known as octane rating. Octane numbers are based on a scale on which isooctane is 100 minimal knock and heptane is 0 bad knock. The higher the octane number, the more compression required for fuel ignition. Fuels with high octane numbers are used in high performance gasoline engines. Fuels with low octane number or. 04.11.2007 · Three options of octane at most North America gas pumps. Regular, mid-grade, and premium. Most of us regular folk use. well regular octane. Those with the extra cash or those who really care about their cars use premium. So who takes the time to use mid-grade?

27.01.2011 · Hyper is right, use the lowest octane gas that won't cause any pinging in your engine. Octanerating, there hasn't been real octane in gas since the 40's just slows the rate of burn of gasoline. Higher octane is for higher comp. engines, you'll get the best performance out of. You only need Mid-grade or Premium gas 89-octane or higher if you have a vehicle with a high compression ratio, which will be noted in your owner’s manual. In that case, using regular gas could cause knocking and damage the engine. What is the Best Gas for Small Engines? If octane doesn’t really matter for small engines, then what does. Most outboards are designed to run satisfactorily on 87 octane. They have no knock sensors or motor controls that can adjust timing to take advantage of higher octane fuels. However, there are some exceptions such as the Mercury Optimax 250 XS, which requires a minimum of 91 octane fuel. Octane levels describe the volatility within specific gasoline grades. Regular grade gasoline has a octane rating between 85 and 88, with the average being 87. midgrade, or plus, gasoline has an octane rating of 88 to 90, with the average being 89. Premium grade gasoline has an octane rating that is larger than 90, with the average being 92.

Although 91 octane is recommended for a majority of Mercedes-Benz models, it is not extremely harmful to put in 87 octane. This lower grade octane will not maintain the vehicle's performance level, but it will not harm the engine because the computer system will know that the fuel is of a lower grade. For the impatient: scroll to the bottom, just above the graph, for the answer. We call the different options different “grades” of gasoline, as if one is purer or more refined than another, but that’s really not the case. All gasoline at a fuel st.

What About Mid-Grade? Some stations offer mid-grade fuel usually 89 octane. There are a handful of cars that require 89 octane gas, but most cars are designed for either regular or premium. If your car recommends but does not require premium, mid-grade will give you some of the performance benefits, but you will still see reduced power and.

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